Tracks of the Week | March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

This week are all nigh-nigh seepie calm down time tracks, get out your hot cocoa and fuzzy blankets it’s time for three of my favorite relaxing songs.

Track: Weightless | Album: Weightless | Artist: Marconi Union

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Scientifically proven” to be the one of most calming tracks ever recorded , Weightless was a collaboration between the artist and The British Academy of Sound Therapy. Scientifically proven or not, I can confirm my heart rate plummets almost immediately after a stressful day.

Track: Cynic | Album: Cynic | Artist: Sister Crayon

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A track with vocals wouldn’t usually be one of my top picks for relaxing music however, for about two weeks I drove home from work to this song and found it to be incredibly soothing. I haven’t listened to much of the artist’s other work, but it’s on my watchlist for sure.

Track: Protect Life | Album: Le cinquième élément (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Artist: Eric Serra

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The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies that I have seen many times, I was pleasantly surprised hearing this track outside of the movie because of it’s contrast in comparison to the rest of the soundtrack. Sweeping strings and sweet melancholy like a forgotten beloved music box, this track gets me everytime.

Yes, I cheated. I had this post in mind for a few days but only now have I had time to get it posted, so I backdated it. I may add to this with a few other soothing songs in the coming weeks. How about you? What are your favorite blood-pressure-lowering tracks?

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