Tracks of the Week | February 21, 2014

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Sadly I hadn’t had much time this week to listen to music, so this week I’m featuring tracks that were recommended to me. So lets go!

Zedd ClarityTrack: Codec | Album: Clarity | Artist: Zedd

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Punchy and full of energy, this recommendation comes courtesy of BertoMcD. I really like the hook and the Daft Punk-esque / 8-bit feel. There’s an old Fanta commercial it reminds me of… but I certainly can’t sit still to this one!

Nero Welcome Reality Track: My Eyes | Album: Welcome Reality + | Artist: Nero

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Also a recommendation from BertoMcD, this one starts out like a track from the Blade Runner soundtrack with an 80’s solo in the middle. Having great female vocals, this one has become one of my favorite tracks over the last couple weeks. Most of the album is excellent as well as each track leads into another, which is my favorite type of album. Nero excels in building tension, it’s almost an ab workout to listen to.

MS MR Seconhand Rapture ThumbnailTrack: Hurricane / Bones | Album: Secondhand Rapture | Artist: MS MR

Hurricane: Spotify | iTunes | Soundcloud | Grooveshark | Amazon

Bones: Spotify | iTunes | Soundcloud | Grooveshark | Amazon

NOTE: The music video for Hurricane is a bit trippy

Recommended to me by a co-worker, I have fallen in love with this girls voice. It’s a bit more in the Pop genre than I usually venture but, this I have to feature as a two track special as they need to be listened to together. Intriguing lyrics, ringing vocals, and a unique sound… I think this girls going places and I’m excited to see her future work.

What do you guys think of the new format? Cleaner I hope…

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