Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

More and more of the living dead stumble their way into the city. You and your unlikely band of survivors rally your resources in preparation for a quest: A Quest for Rice, Water, and Canned food. Some of you may die, but you are going to look awesome doing it. Maybe you find a pair of pistols, maybe you find a sawed-off shotgun with a machete attachment, or if you’re lucky you find enough gasoline and glass bottles to make some special cocktails for your shambling, hungry friends.

Zombicide is a game by CoolMiniOrNOt and Guillotine Games. The game is massive and it comes with a whopping 71 minis representing the survivors and the Zombies.

There are 3 extra guys pictured but that’s still a lot of undead.

The artistic feel of the game is great. The minis, box art, instructions, cards, and tokens all have a great comic book familiarity to them. Even if the gameplay was awful, Zombicide would be worth a look solely based on the art.

Gorgeous Gore

Having said that, my friends and I had a great time playing Zombicide. It’s the first board/card game that I’ve ever played outside of tabletop RPGs that is cooperative. We ran around town passing weapons and gear to each other to get the best advantage, tougher characters would block up Zombie traffic while faster characters would dash to gather the objectives. The gameplay is such that you can play with 6 friends playing one survivor each, (which is what we did,) or you could even play Zombicide by yourself, controlling several survivors.

The missions and characters are diverse, and because the board is changeable and the equipment and number of zombies is determined using decks of cards you could play Zombicide a LOT of times and have varying experiences. Replay value is key.

The board is huge, though not actually this blurry in reality.

All in all, we had some hilarious moments and a surprising amount of teamwork and resourcefulness. By the time we finished our mission everyone was talking about playing again.

I would highly recommend Zombicide for any level of zombie fan. I backed the Kickstarter so we got an early playthrough, but Zombicide is scheduled to hit shelves THIS MONTH (August, 2012).

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