My Top 10 Of The Generation

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

With the next generation of game consoles fully upon us, and being inspired by the guys at the Playstation Blog. I feel it is a good time to look back on the great games the last console generation has given us. Here are my top 10 games of the generation. Note some of the titles are Playstation exclusives there are several cross platform titles as well.

10. Resistance

Resistance. What can be said about resistance other than brutal. A game so hard I switched to the easiest difficulty on the first level and still died more in this game than any other game but I loved it. If haven’t played Resistance it is an game made by Insomniac. A development company I have been a fan of for a while. One thing they are great at is their ability to make cool weapons in their games. Resistance includes a mix of human and alien weapons which makes the combat a lot of fun. If you have ever played a Ratchet and Clank game you will be familiar with Insomniacs crazy weapons. Also Resistance is a trilogy so if you like the first one I recommend checking out the others.

9. Assassin’s Creed II

While I have liked several of the Assassin’s Creed games 2 is the one that sticks out in my mind as the one that sold the franchise to me. Not only did the game play evolve greatly Ezio is by far my favorite Assassin’s Creed character. It is also the only Assassin’s Creed game so far that I have gotten all the achievements. If you haven’t played any of the Assassin’s Creed games. I would recommend checking them out. (You could even just skip the first one if you want but it’s still okay.)

8. Mirror’s Edge

One of the most beautiful games I have ever played hands down is Mirror’s Edge. While this isn’t the only reason that this game is in my top 10 it is a contributing factor. The main reason this game is in my top 10 is because I had a lot of fun playing it. Mirror’s edge is a first person free running game. You traverse the game by running, jumping, and climbing your way across roof tops. And the aesthetics of the game make that experience so much better. This game is a cross platform title so regardless of wether your on a Playstation, XBox, or a PC you should check it out.

Office in Mirror's Edge

The game is really colorful and bright. Has some amazing scenery.

7. Portal

While I was torn between Portal and Portal 2 I decided to put the game that started it all in my top 10. If you like puzzles games then there is one game that you should not miss. The game environment will have you all turned around… literally.

6. Red Dead Redemption

Open world western game. What else needs to be said. This Rockstar does exactly what Rockstar is good at, and that’s large immersive worlds with very dynamic characters. The main character John Marston is one of my favorite game characters. Riding horses, collecting bounty’s on gangs of outlaws, and shooting mountain lions (preferably before they kill your horse). If you like westerns check this one out.

John Marston

John Marston

5. Mass Effect 2

Out of the Mass Effect trilogy I have to say that 2 is my favorite. However it’s by a narrow margin, and I didn’t want to put all three in my top 10. If you like epic sci-fi stories about saving the universe check out the Mass Effect Trilogy. I could do a whole post about what I like about these games but I’ll narrow it down. The choice system is what makes this game unique to me. It really changed how I played knowing that the choices I made in the first game effected the subsequent games. The reason the second one made it in to my top 10 is my favorite part of the story.

4. Journey

Journey is one of the most beautiful and intriguing games I’ve ever played. I have heard it said that Journey at is an embodiment of the hero’s journey in it’s simplest form. One of my favorite parts of the game is you can run into other players on their Journey, but you can’t talk to them other than making beeping noises at each other. Which makes those interactions fun. One time I tried to warn another player to stay out of the spotlight of a giant snake thing. However all I could do was make a lot of beeping noises. It didn’t help.


From Journey’s Title sequence.

3. Uncharted 2

I love the Uncharted games. They are all really good. However Uncharted 2 was my favorite of the trilogy (though I here their making another game so it might not be a trilogy forever.) The second game was my favorite because I loved the story. It also had one of the hardest final battles. The end boss was quite challenging, but that was one of the things I liked about it.

2. Tomb Raider

I started playing Tomb Raider games with the first few games back for the PSOne. Back when Lara Croft was just a big boobed British archeologist with lots of guns. Over the several other games I slowly lost interest. I just seemed to be the same thing over and over with slightly improved graphics. The Square-Enix reboot of the franchise was much needed. If you want more read more of my thoughts about Tomb Raider here is a link to an earlier post.

1. The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s epic zombie apocalypse game The Last of Us is just that epic! The story of Joel and Ellie’s journey through a desolate zombie wasteland is my favorite game that was released for the last generation of consoles. To read more of my thoughts on The Last of Us you can check out my previous post.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us

Honorable Mentions

There are many other games I really liked from the generation of consoles, that didn’t make it into my top ten that I will give honorable mentions.


This may make some of my gamer friends confused, and this was a tough call. I really did enjoy Skyrim. It is a fun game and the Bethesda does a great job with the Elder Scroll’s games. It is a game that if you haven’t played I would recommend checking it out.

Batman Arkham City

Rocksteady Studios has made some awesome games with all the Batman Arkham games. I have yet to play Arkham Origins, but out of the first two I have played I love Arkham City. The large open world of jumping around roof tops and taking down large groups of thugs was a cool experience.

Bioshock Infinite

Out of the all the Bioshock games this one really impressive. To read more of my thoughts on Bioshock Infinite check out my previous post.

Halo 4

This is my only game that is an Xbox 360 exclusive that has been mentioned. I have enjoyed the Halo games. As far as first person shooters go Halo is cool because it also contains a cool science fiction story.

Super Mario Bros. Wii

Super Mario Bros. Wii gets an honorable mention because of it’s multiplayer mode. Getting friends together to play through the game was a lot of fun. If you have a Wii and want a fun cooperative multiplayer platform game. I would check out Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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