About Ler

Molecular/Cell Biologist sequencing DNA as my day job. I love to play video games, read books, and watch movies and TV shows. I love science fiction mostly in all the afore mentioned media though I do like fantasy, comic books, and action and adventure.

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6S from the 6 through my family’s upgrade plan (I buy a new phone and give my old one to one of my parents). Normally I wouldn’t upgrade now, I wasn’t due for another year, but my mom needed a “new” phone and I …

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I’m not a huge gamer and I’m not that tech-savey so if you are looking for a gamer/tech review, this is not it. This is, however, a review from an average game lover that hopefully represents the average consumer. Growing up my family was alway a generation behind in the …

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Recently I watched Oblivion at a dollar theater and I was impressed. I really liked it. I am a fan of post apocalyptic sci-fi movies and this one hit the spot. Science fiction for me is more than just the characters, it’s also about the universe it take place in. …

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