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Originally recorded back on October, now the embargo is finally over. “Frun” isn’t a word. A more exhaustive review coming soon.

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Elite: Dangerous has been the greatest hit of childhood nostalgia since borrowing a GameBoy Pocket and Pokemon Red from Jeff. X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, and Wing Commander were everyday staples of my younger years, and playing Elite: Dangerous has permanently glued a big stupid grin on my face because …

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I did a thing. Please forgive my terrible audio balancing. I tried capturing the game and audio simultaneously with Nvidia Shadowplay as Dragon Age and Fraps did not get along. Lesson learned, always use Audacity for mic audio capture. Update: Get Dragon Age: Inquisition for $40 / $45! – …

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This week are all nigh-nigh seepie calm down time tracks, get out your hot cocoa and fuzzy blankets it’s time for three of my favorite relaxing songs. Track: Weightless | Album: Weightless | Artist: Marconi Union Spotify | iTunes | Soundcloud | Amazon “Scientifically proven” to be the one of …

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Sadly I hadn’t had much time this week to listen to music, so this week I’m featuring tracks that were recommended to me. So lets go! Track: Codec | Album: Clarity | Artist: Zedd Spotify | iTunes | Grooveshark | Amazon Punchy and full of energy, this recommendation comes courtesy …

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Giant Freaking Robots I’ve had the good fortune of being granted a beta key for Titanfall. A new FPS / Mecha multiplayer game from Respawn Entertainment. Respawn seems to be formed of talent from the original Infinity Ward team. Fast and aggressive, the gameplay is excellent though a bit rough …

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In an effort to kick Keller and The Choice Master off the front page, I’m going to attempt a weekly post consisting of my favorite music tracks in no particular order. Here we go! This week features three recently discovered / recommended electronic tracks. – Staggered Injection – Original Mix …

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Skyrim Skill Tree

I’ve never really considered myself to be “a gamer” as defined by popular usage of the term, but I have been playing games since I was a kid. This is my sordid tale from knowing RPG as “Rocket Propelled Grenade” to “Role Playing Game.” My first memories of video gaming …

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